Many ant species inhabit South Florida, and they have a wide range of behaviors. However, the commonly known lifecycle of a queen that tends a brood that later becomes a colony of scavengers largely applies to all ant types. 

Ants’ wide range of behaviors makes them very tricky to treat. One must know what type is being dealt with. For example, carpenter ants seek any space to live in, and will make nests in wood that is already damaged. Fire ants frequently carry soil into electrical equipment to build nests, and that causes important damage and a hazard to those affected by the equipment. 

The technicians at Penn Pest Control are trained to identify, trail and treat all species of pest ants that may attack your home or property. Schedule an inspection to have ants eradicated from your home, and prevent any future problems.

Some facts about Ants:

  • Can spread disease and contaminate food
  • Develop wings during mating season to pair and find new nesting sites

Size: .03 – 2 ins
Shape: Segmented, oval
Color: Reddish brown to black
Legs: 6
Wings: Swarming alates
Antenna: Yes
Common Name: Ants